About Us

Ekky works with businesses to deliver high impact results. Our current digital portfolio of work is over seventy-five million dollars annually in value.


Ekky Software is an independent and ambitious Australian software and website developing company that has an unwavering dedication to produce the highest possible quality websites without compromising our desired goals.

Conceived on the 3rd of March 2003 with a hope and a dream of a young university student, we are now based on the Northern side of the beautiful harbour city of Sydney, Australia. We have created software for various different markets and product categories. In 2015, with strong background knowledge of coding, Ekky became one of leading companies in producing successful eCommerce websites with successful clients who grew with us

Ekky’s Mission & Vision


To skillfully create highly technical solutions that enhances the value of our customers to achieve their goals. We plan to grow with you as part of your business. As your success is our success, we will provide the technical talent that enables you to focus on your talents.


To inspire all those around us to be more than the sum of their parts, through hard work, persistence and dedication. Where you are from is no limit on where you can be.

Ekky’s History

Ekky Software was originally conceived by a then young and naive man of Dallas Clarke. He started building websites while he was still studying at Bachelor of Science, majoring Computer Science at University of New South Wales. In 1999, during the Dot Com boom, he was employed to build a "Shop in a Box" before moving into the established open source products like Oscommerce and eventually moved onto more successful platform like Magento in 2008. Presently, in 2018, he has been helping his clients and their rapidly growing online business for over 10 years and is waiting for more ambitious clients to grow into success together.

Our Values

Talent, Dependability, Achievability





KPIs & Outcomes

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