Our Work

Ekky works with businesses to deliver high impact results. Our current digital portfolio of work is over fifty million dollars annually in value.

Your Success Is Our Success

As a B2B company, we realise that your success is our success and that we need to focus on making you rich enough to pay our bills. We work hard to support you in obtaining your goals. Over the years working in e-commerce and supporting millions of dollars’ worth of online sales, we understand that you know everything about your business, but have to trust us in providing your IT services.

As a provider of professional services, our clients must trust that we are doing a professional job. This is not always clear and the only real measure of success is in hindsight. It is only when those services are reliability provided to you, do you know if it’s done well or not. For new clients, the only method of judging the quality of our work is to look at the success of our current clients and how we have maintained their online stores through all the challenges an online world.

A Proven Track Record

There is no better way to prove we have the knowledge and experience to support your multi-million dollar business and help you to achieve your goals, then to look at the work we have already done. Trading online is fraught with many pitfalls. There are many people throughout the entire world that see online stores as the golden goose of the Internet, and will try every underhanded method to obtain some sort of advantage. We have helped our clients survive them all.

By running multi-million dollar websites that stand out from the crowed, we have survived all the challenging experiences that it has presented us. It’s one thing to claim that you can, and it’s another to have actually experienced it and to know you have succeeded.

At Ekky, we are proud of our client’s success and want you to succeed as one of our clients.

Our Recent History