PopCherry is a large e-commerce fashion site that utilises a membership business model. Due to the large amount of customised orders, they require a unique split-configuration system that manages high volume of sessions.


Popcherry is a large e-commerce fashion site that utilises a membership business model. Prices of items are displayed differently for members and non-members.

Popcherry required us to upgrade their outdated system, and manage the updated system. They had problems around sustaining high-volumes of sessions and transactions. As a result, they needed a unique split-configuration system to support the large amount of custom orders.


Popcherry's unique split-system model is one of the first in Australia. As the live site was already experiencing a high influx of users, there was much pressure to tighten the deadline. The split-configuration system, membership model, and front-end design & development were all configured within a day.

Our Solution


Update old system

New front-end design fitting

Develop back-end split system to meet the high volume of sessions

Build a membership model with different priced products for members and non-members


Popcherry has a split system spread over 4 separate servers and a load balancer to make things even. This design maximises the efficiencies of a shared database while separate frontend servers can handle 1500 users each. Additional servers can be added as Popcherry grows to service any requirement.

After the development of the split-system, internal configuration of custom designs and VIP membership was implemented.


Popcherry required a high capacity system, and the split-server configuration provided an effective solution. A higher maximum number of sessions was implemented, and allowance for further growth in the future.

The membership model was successfully set up and this allowed high increase in number of subscribed customers. High customer retention, and additional members each month helped Popcherry become one of leading online fashion stores in Australia.

A thorough design brief from our client guided our design fitting for the Popcherry website. Our skilled front-end developers ensured a system which was unique in both structure and design.

Current Work

Popcherry is now introducing a new trial membership model to allow customers to experience the benefits of VIP membership before they join the membership. We are currently in process of developing this.

Long term projects with Popcherry include the development of a mobile app to maximise comfort in user experience.